We4You - Sure Shot Gift

We4You - Sure Shot Gift,Mumbai

We4You-Sure Shot Gift, is a revolutionary module of gifting based on crowd funding. initially we are coming with a wide range of smart phones. Users can select a package among 7 different price range packages from inr 10,000 to 25,000, they will be given 100 chances in span of 180 days to get a smart phone on a very special price i. e. up to 79% discount on its current and fair market value, if participants could not manage to get smart phone within 100 chances in the stipulated time range, then they will be given a smart phone absolutely free, of that same package for which they've tried. Stay tuned for more exciting updates. #We4You-SureShotGift

In case, mean while please email us or contact on:

  • Phone: +91 98207 70592
  • Email: support@we4you.co.in
  • Launching